We are here to celebrate the Supreme Justice League – The 5 Supreme Court Justices that made history on June 26, 2013 when they struck down DOMA.

When the rights of Americans are being trampled on the Supreme Justice League is there to help!


Meet the Team behind the creation of the Supreme Justice League:

After the Supreme Court ruled on DOMA and Prop 8 the creators of SF Gay Times and Sin City Times (J.Son and Andrew Von Pelt) had the idea for Supreme Justice League. J.Son and Andrew quickly started coming up with the idea and reached out to friend and graphic artict Victor Paredes. Victor took the idea and made it come to life with his amazing talent. We hope this design helps to celebrate the heroic justices and spreads hope and love to all who see it.

Working tirelessly for 48 hours tossing ideas back and forth the team created the image you see above.

Posing for the NoH8 campaign

J.Son and Andrew


Victor Paredes


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